Happy Birthday Dennis!

April 8th

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ca. 1997, San Francisco, California, USA — One-time candidate for governor Dennis Peron at San Francisco’s Cannabis Club. He founded the medicinal marijuana organization after a friend died of AIDS in 1992.

Here in Seattle anyone over 21+ can get their stash legally and worry free! Dennis Peron is one of the pioneers who risked his freedom to help make this possible, even getting busted twice in the process.

After coming back from Vietnam Dennis spoke out for peace and started selling cannabis. He took a bullet and in the thigh in police raid in 1978. Later in the 90’s he went public by opening the Cannabis Buyers Club. He invited TV crews to film the sale of cannabis to highlight how the plant was helping AIDS patients in hopes of getting arrested. His plan was to prove in court that pot had legitimate medical use. He was one of the chief architects’ of Prop 215, California’s medical marijuana law that started the ball rolling for full legalization on the west coast. So when you’re lighting up your sticky icky legal bud and not having to look over your shoulder why you’re doing it. Take a puff for Dennis!

Now go outside, and enjoy the sun and realize that there are great things out in the world, but it is always better when enjoyed with responsible cannabis use!


He grew up on Long Island, served in the Air Force in Vietnam and moved to The Castro, San Francisco, where he sold cannabis, cofounded the Cannabis Buyers Club, and coauthored California Proposition 215. His marijuana business was busted by authorities in 1978 and 1990. In 1996, Dan Lungren, state attorney general, ordered another bust of Peron’s club. Proposition 215 was passed soon thereafter, which allowed the club to reopen.

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