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Doc Croc Greenworks Cannabis Seattle Lake City Greenwood

Product Spotlight

Producer: Doc Croc

Flower & Shatter Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, CBD

Available at both Greenworks Cannabis locations, Greenwood & Lake City. Doc Croc claims to be from Australia but from what we can tell they are out of this world using the best techniques for high quality cannabis production.

DOC CROC specializes in cannabis oil concentrates. BHO extraction using a closed loop Terpp extractor. In this extraction process, utilizing super cold temperatures we fully de-wax our cannabis oil products. Removing fats & lipids for desirable color, clarity & stability of the final product.

Price List:

  • $15-$18 1g
  • $50-$60 1/8ths
  • Plus plenty of pre-rolls and shatter to go around!

Available at both Greenwood & Lake City locations.


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