Best Deals on Bulk Cannabis Buds in Seattle!

Wide selection of Top Quality Ganja!

Everything from Indica, Sativa, CBD as well as hash, shatter, oils and medeibles

Mix and Match 1/2 OZ’s!

Great options on $180 OZ’s and $100 1/2 OZ Deals!

bargin buds greenworks

Available at both Greenworks Cannabis locations, Greenwood & Lake City. We are offering options on 1OZ and 1/2 OZ deals, with a mixed level of pricing. Also we have brought on more bud trimmed shake as well, so we provide the best of both worlds for the people!.

Price List:

  • Okanogin Gold

  • $75 Top Bud Jars
  • $55 7g Jar Trim
  • $125 28g Rough trimmed
  • $180 28g Hand trimmed
  • Lopez & Orr

  • $110 14g Collectable Jar
  • Green Vault

  • $120 14g Jar
  • $230 28g Jar
  • *Save $20
  • Elements

  • $110 14g Jar
  • $200 28g Jar
  • Sweet As!

  • $150 14g Jar
  • $280 28g Jar

Sampler Pack

Honey Creek Farms

Honey Creek Sample Pack Greenworks Cannabis

Get for a holiday present if you don’t know what kind of strain they like. Honey Creek has also included a “toke it” game with the pack so you try the strains you can rate they strains as you try them. Based in Snoqualmie Vally, Honey Creek is dedicated to producing the high quality cannabis possible.

Available at both Greenwood & Lake City locations.

9 AM to 11 PM DAILY

Online at

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